Sports like field hockey and soccer are all about positions relative to other players and the ball This makes video a great tool to evaluate and improve your game. Sporteye enables video analysis for all of the action at your club. It makes video part of the game.

    Our view on video

    Video is great to evaluate a match, and to help individual players and teams improve. However, a lot of water goes under the bridge before you can watch a video of your team. Setting up a camera, filming, reviewing, editing, etc. All very labor intensive. We think you should be able to just watch video without having to worry about the production. This is why we developed the system, a 24/7 action recording system which automatically generates the videos that you want to see.

      The best view possible

      With Full HD camera's behind each goal, you can analyse your game from a perfect point of view.

      Fully automatic video editing automatically switches between camera's and selects highlights to make a summary.


      The Sporteye system lives in the Cloud. Through a club portal, coaches and trainers have access to the videos they are authorised to see.

    See what can do for your club

    Great action

    Why work with us?

    We are passionate about sports and technology. We understand the need of small and big clubs and we love to go out there to see for ourselves how we can help players and coaches with our technology. We develop systems that don't need us to be around, but we're always be there to support you.

    This is what we're aiming for

    We'd love to hear from you and show you what we can do for your club!